Just letting you all know im still breathing.. and that my inventory is still a masssssive mess and that RL still has me sucked into a sink hole.. Soon my pretties.. Very soon.. To the creators im sorry i haven’t blogged your items. Its just all abit too much for me.. But soon i will try and get my act together.

Skin – Pink Fuel – Elly
Hair – Burley – Alicia
Earrings – Bellballs – Trendy Tribal Earrings – Java Leopard
Jacket – (love) – Casual Blazer *NEW*
Undershirt – *Epic* – Basic Open Striped Henley
Necklace – ~imbue. – Horns
Pants – {mon tissu} – 1929 cigarette
Bag – Atomic – Crush bag
Flats – {mon tissu} – Cottage flats



As you all know, it’s been awhile since I posted a LOTD, but seeing how cute my boo looked today, motivated me to blog him!  Ain’t he adorable? =)


Hair – Raw House – Orlando

Glasses – Reek – Augie Glasses

Shirt – [Atomic] – Men’s Simple V

Pants – [NV] – Skinny Baggy

Necklaces – Sorry.Asia – Secret.Keys
Mandala – Sinra Necklace

Belts – [NV] – Badass Baggy

            NSD – RocknRolla Revolver Belt

Bracelet – Fir & MNA – Anchor Bracelet

Ear Plugs – [Reckless] – Double Flared Gauge

Piercings – Pekka – UnderLip Plugs & Spinner Piercing




Hair – [BURLEY]_Babs

Neck Tattoo – REPULSE – Slit Throat Vital Wound

Top – *L.inc* Cropped Top


Skirt – Berries Inc.

Belt – ~Pepper~ Brass Knuckle Belt

Tights – *Sheer* Tights 02: Torn Nylon

Boots – DRDlooseboots

By Reese


Hey all! Here are just a few of the many items of this weeks GFW!  Starts tomorrow and all items are under 100L! Check them out!

Dress – [trs] Leather Zipped Dress – Brown

Skin – ::EM:: Nina Skin Fair

Shirt – *HolliPocket* Ootsey Cutesy Top

Pants –  piccara – High Waisted Pants

By Reese


I have about 10 different things i need to blog and im just too tired to go through it all.. My inventory is in the worst shape i have ever seen it. And i can’t sort it all out until i sort my inventory.. SOOOOO for now i am just going to Blog a simple outfit and then sort out my inventory 😛 Because i won’t be able to blog anything new till then.. Sooooo enjoy my outfit 😛

Hair – TRUTH – Tamina
Shirt – AlphaVillain – Rolled Sleeve Basic Shirt
Bracelet – MIEL – Friendo
Pants – *Epic* – Sho-Low Faun Bell Bottoms
Boots – [n] – Calf High – Moccasins (Only Avail in fatpack on Market)

Vintage Fair

 Okay sooo this might or might not be a long post because i am planning on having a rant in here somewhere 😛 BUT i’ll start off with the clothing and the good part first 😛

Items from the Vintage fair. Outfits from Left to Right :-

Hair – Ploom – Dusty Beehive
Glasses – AlphaVillian – Samuel Glasses
Boob Tube – American Bazaar – Vivianne – Pink Leo
Skirt – American Bazaar – Zip Skirt

Hair – Shag – Goodbye
Outfit – Sticky Fingers – My Sailor (Sold in separate pieces)

Hair – Sugarsmak – Bonne
Skirt – C’est Moi! – Buttoned High Skirt

 TP to the Vintage Fair

OKay now time for my rant.
Total number of crashes – 5,  Number of rages – 3,   Time it took me to get less than 12 items – 3 hours.
If certain people know me they could tell you i will hardly ever complain about anything. I’ll keep my mouth shut and get over it. Now i can understand events like this are 100% popular. I mean why wouldn’t they be? they are AMAZING.   Such hard work from so many different creators all put into one or two or 4 sims for our enjoyment. But this isn’t what i wanted to complain about. What i wanted to complain about.. Was the lack of respect and ignorance alot of people have for others. When we go to a fair held like this we should already expect some sort of lag due to lots of vendors and prims etc.. All of that is understandable. But when i rock up to an event. I turn up with no scripts, no prims and almost close to no clothing. One tank and a pair of undies. I don’t even wear the layers. I just wear the undershirt and underwear layer.  Basically like this.

The entire time i was at the vintage fair i only saw ONE person dressed similar to myself. And i did the whole thing. Both sims. What i came across was people with primmed feet, AO’s, Scripted hair, you name it. I can understand wearing the “Demo” hair from the fair. But i didn’t even see that. All i saw was people being all nicely dressed up in normal or vintage clothing from the fair. What i can also understand is if you are trying to put an outfit together by going to certain stores, That’s cool. But explain to me why exactly you would need your AO on?? One woman had 587 prims on and was running in the same spot for a good 10 minutes. I wonder why that is. There is NO reason to have your AO on. It does nothing but create lag in a place there is already lag. To top it off there was a crowd of about 6+ people just standing there.. Having a general conversation. ALL wearing prims, scripts etc.

I will hurry up and get to my point because it’s dragging and i think you all see where i am coming from. BASICALLY.. Is it really necessary to get all dressed up like that? To create more lag. What i don’t understand is why some people can’t have some god damn (yes i said god damn cause im starting to get annoyed lol) respect for others and for the fair. If people would just realize they are contributing to it. Creating more lag just gives me more reason to hang myself every time i go to one. I , myself as a blogger LOVE events such as these to show off creators terms and to share the with the world. But having to deal with 3hrs worth of lag to do so just doesn’t seem worth it. Have some common courtesy and appreciate things like this happening. Because if it wasn’t for the amazing creators. You wouldn’t be wearing the cloths and prims and scripts that cause the lag in the first place. GET NAKED and run around.
It’s simple knowledge.

Also if any creators/Event Managers/Event Creators happen to read this. Please go to this page and read the comments below. Viollette has made an amazing opinion on how we could make matters simpler.

Grenade Free Wednesday

Oh haii!  I can’t believe I’ve never posted about Grenade Free Wednesday before! It’s  a weekly event that occurs every Wednesday on the Jersey Shore sim.  Designers on this sim set an item out in front of their store for less than 100Ls, it will remain there from Wednesday 12:00am SLT till 11:59pm SLT.

I am just showing you a few items in this post that will be included in GFW tomorrow!  There are tons more including skins, shapes, tattoos, home furnishings and much much more! Be sure to check it out, and don’t forget the terrific prices are only valid through 11:59 pm SLT Wednesday!




Shape –*YG* Aria Shape

Hair – .MaireDoll. – Sasha – Black

Bodysuit – – Piccara – BodySuit Yellow

Pants – [ SAKIDE ] Unbuttoned Leather Corset Pants


Vest –KTHU– Jacket  brown fth

Bodysuit- Piccara – BodySuit Blue


Shirt –.:* LOULOU&CO *:. – Top :: DEAUVILLE

By Reese

Horny Angel

Saw these amazing high boots from DRD on market and i HAD to have them :DD Love this outfit.. Totally horny 😉

Skin – Pink Fuel – Elly – Scene
Hair – Ploom – Seffy
Horns – Schadenfreude – Kinder Horns
Face tattoo – Delusions – Oh Rawr
Lashes – Cake
Lipstick – Pink Fuel – Glam Lipstick – Vamp
Earplugs – .Blanco. – Medium Zebra
Wings – Illusions – Chibi Wings
Jacket – Hedo – Sirio (Modified)
Boob tube – Sticky Fingers  – My Tube top
Hand Tattoo – Delusions – Hearts Hand
Piercings – Motif – Hanna
Shorts – Bad Romance – Shorty Bitch – Zebra *NEW*
Fishnet – Blow pop – Ripped
Boots – DRD – Boots Lazy Tie High


Okay so i went and got another skin *Facepalms* BUT whilst i was doing that with Aurie she then tp’d over to NV and i thought.. “Ooooooh NV outfit :3” So here ya go ladies AND gents 😀
Oh.. also.. do you like my sexy bodah ;)) I work out babeh haha

Hat/Hair – Argrace – Military Cap – Airy Long
Skin – Pink Fuel – Elly – Milk
Athlete body – Pink Fuel – Add ons
Glasses – Kalnins – Half shutter
Bubblegum – Pink Fuel
 Sweater – [NV] – Sweater – Short
Finger tapes – L.inc – Dollarbie
Belt – Ronsem – Military belt
Pants – [NV] – Bad ass Killer
Sneakers – UBU – Low tops

LOOOOOOVE this song


Okay so i waaaas gunna do an *Epic* post BUT i wasn’t feeling the outfit so i need to redo it it.. SO instead you can have a “rockin” LOTD 😀 ( i do have a few epic items on though :P)

Skin – Tres Blah – Indie – Plain Jane
Hair – Vive9 – Fredja
(So weird for me to be wearing this cause normally vive9 hair doesn’t suit me)
Glasses – Epic – Aviator
Shirt – Villena – Rocket Summer
Belt – Mandala – Mikoto
Pants – Epic – Sho – Low Faun Baggy  Bell Bottoms
Boots – DRD – Loose Boots = <333333

I swear to fuck.. No matter what you do, this song WILL get stuck in your head >.<

Mon Tissu

lol i seem to be making like a pattern here of outfits from different stores 😛 I dont care im having fun.

Skin – Tres Blah – Indie – Plain Jane
Hair – Exile – Cady
Whole outfit including shoes and necklace are from mon tissu.

lol this cracked me up