Baby It’s Cold Outside

Got some newness for you today. New lil outfit from Panda express which is so cold to look at yet smoking hot on.. Comes with a whole bunch of different accessories from the Tiara to the bracelets and the cold breathe, etc. It also has texture changing scripts so you can take it to a darker grey or to a lighter blue. It’s seriously so cute!! Also new hair from [E} (Thank you Aurie) Had no idea there was even new hair haha. So i thought i would pull off some blonde today :3

Also i should add.. I forgot to put the necklace one for this photo. It comes with the outfit and is all kinds of cute!!!

Skin – Pink Fuel – Elly – Aqua
Eyelashes/Lipstick – Izzie – Baby it’s cold outside –  *Perfect Wardrobe*
Hair – [e] – Quirky *NEW*
Outfit Including accessories – Panda Express – Winter Princess
Nails – Mstyle – White
Feet – N-Core


Santa and Her Reindeer

God im pulling the winter posts out of my ass.. SMH.. Anyway the new Paper.Doll December gifts are out and i couldn’t help BUT take advantage of it and dress up for the occasion. The dresses are phenomenal and the perfect amount of sexy/comfort.. Might wear the red one for a while.. 😉 Also i am wearing the new boots by DRD, the xmas special. Went perfect with my Santa outfit, If i do say so myself 😛

Santa –
Hat – Viita – *Free On Market*
Hair –  Milena – Lynn
Boots – DRD – Lazy Heel Xmas Version

Reindeer –
Antlers/Ears/Nose – Pixlights – Christmas Antlers
Hair – Shag – Hello, Goodbye
Hoofs – *Epic* – Demon/Faun Autumn Explorer Boot


All I Want For Xmas Is You

:3 Okay so it’s weird for me to be doing al these winter posts considering it’s summer here BUT i don’t have much choice being SL is populated by Americans more. It’s also weird fro me because i don’t like christmas 😛 At all.. I never really got into it. But i do love the fashion and the lil quirky things that come with it. Like these free Reindeer antler ears which are totally adorable 🙂

Skin – Pink Fuel – Elly – Aqua
Antlers – [Viita] – Free on Marketplace
Turtle Neck –  Pesca – Loose Knit *UNISEX*
Mittens – Exposeur – Winter Mittens *Free On Marketplace*
Pants – Muism – Damage Jeans – Dark Rinse
Boots – KAO –  Suede Fringe Boots
I hate Justin Bieber and Marah Carey but i love this song :3

Random Winter Post

Was going through the inventory ad found this dress i got during the winter seasons hunt from Addict and figured why the hell not. So yeah 🙂 Btw.. I friggen LOVE this hair :3

Hair – Dernier Cri – Aya
Headband – Elate
Dress – [Addict] –  Lucille
Stockings – Mystyle – Spots
Boots – [N] – Moccasins

I will NEVER get sick of this song.

Love Me Some Brit

So most of you don’t know this but the guy im seeing in SL is from merry ol’ London.. And so is my best friend Aurie (Whom i happen to partner in world 2 weeks ago<33333).. So of course i think your getting the whole pattern of things. When i went to NV to pick up their new sweater i saw this sitting beside it and instantly i HAD to have it.. Love has brought out a new hair that i think i might just wear forever. normally i am not a fan of the whole shaved side but this hair is so amazingly adorable. The whole flow of the hair.. It’s absolutely gorgeous. And the colours are :Q_____ So today i thought i would go for the whole rock and roll english look. Seeing as they all think they are so punk over there 😛

Also becaue im a dick and logged before i got what the names of everything is.. I’llll just say where they are from and update the names of the clothing later.

Skin – Pink Fuel – Elly
Hair – Love
Eyes – Insufferable Dastard
Piercing – Cobrahive
Lipstick – Pink Fuel – Glam lipstick
Sweater – [NV]
Necklace – [Avoid]
Guitar Bag – SEY
Pants – {Atomic]
Boots – KOOKIE


Just felt like doing a random LOTD. Plus wanted to show of my new boots from DRD.. Totally cute boots. So in love with them.

Skin – Pink Fuel – Elly
Hair – >TRUTH< – Diana
Piercing – [ni.ju] – Chain chomp (Edited)
Necklace – [Avoid] – ❤ Necklace
Vest – TART – Open Vest
Boob Tube – StickyFingers – My Tube Top
Jeans – *Epic* – Sho-Low Faun Bell Bottoms
Boots – DRD – Bum Boots

Can’t stop listening to this. The lyris make no sense but the music is so comforting.


Just alil somethin somethin new from Paperdoll 🙂 Totally loving the Meg dress (First evy dress) I love the style of it and the belt that comes with it is all types of adorable.. Wish i could get it on it’s own.  The second dress looks like something i would wear to a cocktail party 😀 and the last shirt is something i would wear in winter.. Except my belly would hang out way further than that haha.. I love Paperdoll creations.. Zoey is a god :3

Both Dresses and Shirt are from Paperdoll.

Middle dress is the VIP November gift. So hurry up and join the VIP group and get the dress before November ends :3

Most other items have been blogged previously. If you need to know anything IM me in world.

Summer Summer Summer

I hate summer.  I love hoodies and snuggled up in blankets with the heater going…But.. I am actually enjoying the weather lately.. And i think i have blogged this outfit before (will check after) but who cares. I love it :3 ALSO With these Black Friday sales.. Pink fuel is having a 50% sale off her Elly skins with ends tomorrow? I think.. but you have to be apart of the “Skin Addiction” Group. So just look it up on search and should find it. I ended up buying the fat pack 😛

Skin – Pink Fuel – Elly – Meow
Hair – [e] – Melody
Ears – AITUI – Human Ears 1″
Piercings – Medley – Snake Bites
Overshirt – AOHARU – Checkered Shirt
Undershirt – Linc – Tank
Cuff – Bubble
Shorts – Deetalez – Summer shorts
Flip Flops – Maitreya

BellBalls Black Friday Sale

Sooo if you haven’t got Flickr than you wont know about all the sales going on atm.. There is a huge sale coming up that lasts for one day only. And it seems everyone is getting involved.. But BellBalls is having a black Friday sale of her own which starts today and finishes on the 27th.. Ranging from 50L-100L.. So make sure you get your asses down there and buy up the whole store :3

Items range between 50L to 100L depending on how new it is. But its still a bargain either way!!!

All the jewelry pieces are from BellBalls

I can’t stop singing this song ❤

Once i throw on this….

Soo im slowly finding things i need to blog in my mess of an inventory so yay for a start.. But i still got a bit to go. Anyway the gorgeous Amberlee from Delusions released these adorable booties like 2 weeks ago and they are so presh!!!! The HUD that comes with it is fucking AMAZING and the texture quality is awesome. Cynful have also released these adorable lil cardigan vests that would be awesome for winter :3.
Also i’ve been obsessed with Mike Posner lately.. So deal with it 😛

 Beret – AY.Line – Knit Beret
Hair – [e] – Rush (Heavily modified to fit beret)
Snowflake – Found on marketplace
Vest – Cynful – Comfy Vest
Necklace – [Avoid] – Heart piece
Undershirt – -tb- – Peek-a-boo Vneck
Pants – SAKIDE – Low Unbottoned Jeans
Booties – Delusionals –  Baby Baby Oh Boots