So after an almost full and wonderful year of blogging for you all. MarRee is no longer posting.

After much much much deliberation and lots of thinking. Reese and myself think it’s for the best to end our chapter here. It has been sooo much fun putting together outfits for you all and to show off outfits made by so many different and wonderful creators. I have met so many amazing people because of this blog and i am always grateful for it. Unfortunatly it’s now starting to become like a chore. And we feel that’s not what blogging should be about. My real life has just become chaotic. I am barely in world anymore. It just come to a point where my real life was my second life, and i can’t let it be that way.

I will leave the blog open, along with all the old postings, in-case anyone is still interested. But from now on there will be no more LOTDS or New Releases displayed on this blog.

So thank you sooo sooo sooo much for all your support over the last year. Through our ups (650 views in one day \o/) and our downs. You guys are the reason why we kept on aslong as we did. And it has been nothing but a fun and amazing journey for myself and for Reese. Also just because we are done doesn’t mean you can’t go check out all the other amazing blogs over there >>>>>>>

We wish you all a safe and wonderful year. And don’t be afraid to look me up in world 🙂

Signing off for the last time.



2 comments on “Goodbye.

    • Yeah it’s just become too much for us to handle. And i was starting to stress about not posting. My health in RL is already bad and i don’t need to stress over something like this. Thanks for your support <333

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