Use the fork.

okay sooo i hope eveyrone didnt get too wasted on NYE :3

ANYWAY Atlantic crew have these AWESOME undies out that come in 5 different styles which have STAR WARS on them for only 200L.. Yep.. I am pretty sure i am still jizzing my pants from the epicness of them. So make sure you go down there and get yo paws on them.

ALSO cause i’m SHIT at doing photos with backgrounds and what not.. I need new ideas on how to take my photos.. I want a change ya know with the whole new yr and shiznick.. So throw me some ideas ya dig..

Fuck me and my hood rat talk >.<

Helmet – Randomly found on Market
Shirt – Teefry – Trust me (BEST FUCKING SHIRT EVERRRRRR!)
Lightsaber – Found on Market.
Undies – Atlantic Crew – The Force
Boots – Kookie – Armada/Warmers


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