Four Corners

So i’ll be honest. I didn’t even know this event was happening till like 3 days ago. Which seems to happen with me alot whenever a event comes out. I only ever know its come like 2-3 days before cause someone tells me. Or cause i actualy took the time to read a NC. LOL Anypoo. I’ll name the items from the event but not the rest. I am feeling pretty sick tonight and im not in the mood to sit here describing every detail so if you see anything you like just leave a comment and ill let ya know where its from. Or go back through our blog cause chances are i have already blogged it 😛

Hair – LOVE – Cameron
Eyes – .Insufferable Dastard.
Turtle neck – [ NERD.P ] – Big Turtle Neck
Boots – Eleanor Rigby – Combats in floral

Hair – Action – Natalie
Mini Skirt – Razorblade Jacket – Jail Bait Micro mini

Dress – Willow – Bookworm Dress

(Marukin) – Vermillion

There is so much variety to buy. But i only got what i thought suited my style ❤ All of the items are from the four different points.




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