Love Me Some Brit

So most of you don’t know this but the guy im seeing in SL is from merry ol’ London.. And so is my best friend Aurie (Whom i happen to partner in world 2 weeks ago<33333).. So of course i think your getting the whole pattern of things. When i went to NV to pick up their new sweater i saw this sitting beside it and instantly i HAD to have it.. Love has brought out a new hair that i think i might just wear forever. normally i am not a fan of the whole shaved side but this hair is so amazingly adorable. The whole flow of the hair.. It’s absolutely gorgeous. And the colours are :Q_____ So today i thought i would go for the whole rock and roll english look. Seeing as they all think they are so punk over there 😛

Also becaue im a dick and logged before i got what the names of everything is.. I’llll just say where they are from and update the names of the clothing later.

Skin – Pink Fuel – Elly
Hair – Love
Eyes – Insufferable Dastard
Piercing – Cobrahive
Lipstick – Pink Fuel – Glam lipstick
Sweater – [NV]
Necklace – [Avoid]
Guitar Bag – SEY
Pants – {Atomic]
Boots – KOOKIE


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