Once i throw on this….

Soo im slowly finding things i need to blog in my mess of an inventory so yay for a start.. But i still got a bit to go. Anyway the gorgeous Amberlee from Delusions released these adorable booties like 2 weeks ago and they are so presh!!!! The HUD that comes with it is fucking AMAZING and the texture quality is awesome. Cynful have also released these adorable lil cardigan vests that would be awesome for winter :3.
Also i’ve been obsessed with Mike Posner lately.. So deal with it 😛

 Beret – AY.Line – Knit Beret
Hair – [e] – Rush (Heavily modified to fit beret)
Snowflake – Found on marketplace
Vest – Cynful – Comfy Vest
Necklace – [Avoid] – Heart piece
Undershirt – -tb- – Peek-a-boo Vneck
Pants – SAKIDE – Low Unbottoned Jeans
Booties – Delusionals –  Baby Baby Oh Boots


2 comments on “Once i throw on this….

    • Aww well thank you :3 I don’t knmow if you noticed in the last couple of posts i had different skins.. I think i went through 10 different skins and changed my shape everytime and i just wasn’t happy. Just turned out i needed to get ths skin in a lighter tone. Could of saved Linden *facepalm* But yes thank you.. <333

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