Vintage Fair

 Okay sooo this might or might not be a long post because i am planning on having a rant in here somewhere 😛 BUT i’ll start off with the clothing and the good part first 😛

Items from the Vintage fair. Outfits from Left to Right :-

Hair – Ploom – Dusty Beehive
Glasses – AlphaVillian – Samuel Glasses
Boob Tube – American Bazaar – Vivianne – Pink Leo
Skirt – American Bazaar – Zip Skirt

Hair – Shag – Goodbye
Outfit – Sticky Fingers – My Sailor (Sold in separate pieces)

Hair – Sugarsmak – Bonne
Skirt – C’est Moi! – Buttoned High Skirt

 TP to the Vintage Fair

OKay now time for my rant.
Total number of crashes – 5,  Number of rages – 3,   Time it took me to get less than 12 items – 3 hours.
If certain people know me they could tell you i will hardly ever complain about anything. I’ll keep my mouth shut and get over it. Now i can understand events like this are 100% popular. I mean why wouldn’t they be? they are AMAZING.   Such hard work from so many different creators all put into one or two or 4 sims for our enjoyment. But this isn’t what i wanted to complain about. What i wanted to complain about.. Was the lack of respect and ignorance alot of people have for others. When we go to a fair held like this we should already expect some sort of lag due to lots of vendors and prims etc.. All of that is understandable. But when i rock up to an event. I turn up with no scripts, no prims and almost close to no clothing. One tank and a pair of undies. I don’t even wear the layers. I just wear the undershirt and underwear layer.  Basically like this.

The entire time i was at the vintage fair i only saw ONE person dressed similar to myself. And i did the whole thing. Both sims. What i came across was people with primmed feet, AO’s, Scripted hair, you name it. I can understand wearing the “Demo” hair from the fair. But i didn’t even see that. All i saw was people being all nicely dressed up in normal or vintage clothing from the fair. What i can also understand is if you are trying to put an outfit together by going to certain stores, That’s cool. But explain to me why exactly you would need your AO on?? One woman had 587 prims on and was running in the same spot for a good 10 minutes. I wonder why that is. There is NO reason to have your AO on. It does nothing but create lag in a place there is already lag. To top it off there was a crowd of about 6+ people just standing there.. Having a general conversation. ALL wearing prims, scripts etc.

I will hurry up and get to my point because it’s dragging and i think you all see where i am coming from. BASICALLY.. Is it really necessary to get all dressed up like that? To create more lag. What i don’t understand is why some people can’t have some god damn (yes i said god damn cause im starting to get annoyed lol) respect for others and for the fair. If people would just realize they are contributing to it. Creating more lag just gives me more reason to hang myself every time i go to one. I , myself as a blogger LOVE events such as these to show off creators terms and to share the with the world. But having to deal with 3hrs worth of lag to do so just doesn’t seem worth it. Have some common courtesy and appreciate things like this happening. Because if it wasn’t for the amazing creators. You wouldn’t be wearing the cloths and prims and scripts that cause the lag in the first place. GET NAKED and run around.
It’s simple knowledge.

Also if any creators/Event Managers/Event Creators happen to read this. Please go to this page and read the comments below. Viollette has made an amazing opinion on how we could make matters simpler.


3 comments on “Vintage Fair

  1. You know what annoys me even more than the lag? The unoriginality of most designers. As in, if someone has it available at the Vintage Fair for some outrageous price, chances are you can find the same thing on someone’s Flickr/blog by a lesser known store at a cheaper price (ie. those polka dot dresses with the white around the top of boobs)

    But ya. People on SL are vain and can’t go without looking like they just came off a runway. I pretty much dress like you (except I keep my hair sorry!)

    • I’ll admit. That sometime’s pisses me off too. How some place will make a pencil skirt and then another place will make it just with a button in a different place.
      Haha yeah i can’t keep my hair. Seems silly to wear to wear something like that wen the rest of you is so noobie lol

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