Winter wonderland :D

Well you americanos are all coming into winter soooo i figured i would have a go at a winter outfit.. PLUS i saw this hat/beanie/beret thing on other people and i HAD to have it.. So now im broke HAHA.. Also Fran.. Frannie.. Franny poo poo sent me her ski mask and belt like.. i dunno.. 2 months ago? and im only just blogging it now.. cause im such a shit friend LOL.

Beret – AY.Line – Knit Beret
Hair – [e] – Rush (Heavily modified to fit beret)
Sniffles – Cobrahive
Ears – (PERA) – Droppy Ears
Glasses/Belt – Francinati0n – Winter Set
Jacket – Berries – Bettie Light Fog (No longer avail)
Tank – Atomic – Sheer Tank
Marshmallow – Intrigue.Co – Marshmellow Moutie (I put it on my hand instead :P)
Pants – Medley – Jeans Grey
Boots – Kookie – Armada


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