So i dunno if ya’ll have noticed but Epic is one of my most favourite stores in world.. The clothes are sexy as hell and the hoofs :Q_____… I do also plan on buying a skin from there VERY soon.. But check it out.. Brand new shirts and high waisted jeans from there and they are total love ❤
Also Medley the gorgeous Arriah made a tattoo and it’s a dollarbie at the store. I needed something for my chest and here she was presenting it all too me.. You got dem mad timing skill babeh 😀

Also i wanted to mention that i’m sorry blogging hasn’t been happenign much of late. Unfortunatly Cy is no longer with us and i have just re-returned back to work so my RL work schedule is all over the place (Making me miss my man 😦 ) and Ree Has been having a bit of busy RL issues aswell.. But i promise as soon as we can we will try and keep up :))) We appreciate all of you for taking the time to read our blog. <33333

Hair – TRUTH – Kendall
Tattoo – Medley – I’ll get the ending right *DOLLARBIE*
Shirt – *EPIC* – Basic Open Henley Striped *NEW*
Pants – *EPIC* High waisted jeans Black hoof *NEW*
Love this song


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