Summers coming >.<

It has been so hot here in Aus for the last 3 days. I’ve literally almost melted. I hate summer. I’m the kinda person who likes to wear hoodies with jeans and sneakers while rugged up on a couch with a big fluffy blanket. But i am also not a size 6 like my AV soooo i dressed her how i would dress in RL had i have the body of a barbie doll 😛 Also i am so in love with the new hair by exile 😀

Skin – LAQ – Jennie – Fair
Hair – Exile – Sherilyn
Flower – Artilleri
Glasses – K_gs – Smiley Bones
Boob Tube – Ronsem – Bare Tunic
Shorts – tb – Denim Cut off
Flip Flops – Maitreya


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