Guess who’s back, back again

Reese is back, tell a friend!

Now this looks like a job for me
So everybody just follow me
Cuz we need a little controversy
Cuz it feels so empty without me..


Oh mah gahhhh! I’m back bitches! ❤

Right, so on with it! I have a lot to catch up on!  The lovely ladies of Blanco passed me their new release of the Mini Dress, and as you can see it’s full of win! So many different looks can be accomplished with this dress.  This dress is available in 8 colors/styles!  So many to choose from, and something to suit any style!

Pepper has been putting out some really unique accessories, clothes, and shoes! The Faun Kit from Pepper is awesome!  It includes horns, tail and hooves, with color changing attachments.  Check them out!

1st look

Hair – >TRUTH< Lacey

Flower – Clawtooth: Fancy Pants Hair Flower

Earrings  – BC Pink Glow Earrings

Dress – .Blanco. Mini Dress – Zebra

Thigh Highs – +SPICA+ Open heel socks

Heels – :: fore :: Sb Pumps

2nd look

Hair – [e]

Dress –.Blanco. Mini Dress – Military

Arm Shields – Cobrahive – Armor Shield

Mask – Cobrahive – Escaping Lecter

Collar – Xcite! ToKon Dominator X Collar

Belt – ~Pepper~  Bullet Belt

Faun Kit – ~Pepper~ Faun

 Bullets – ~Pepper~  Bullet Shoulder Strap

By Reese

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