Oh yeah.. Blog with my fav peoples. Cy & Chris. Who ofcourse are the cutest couple in the world. (Cy’s Blog here). Also newness from Glue Ink.. You know you want it.. BOOBIES \O/

Cy & Marlly Outfit –
Helmet – Asphyxia Black Bunny War Helmet (Chin)
Hair – Magika Hair // Sofia
Shirt – TART Tee – gray
Dogtags – TonkTastic – Dogtags (female; chest)
Arm Tapes – V Tattoo – Arms Tape & Black Nails (Black)
Panties – [ Cynful ] Ever’s Sweater Panties
Socks – *League* Gartered Socks -Black
Boots – TonkTastic – Boots alpha layer (female)

Cy Extras –
Bracelets – Rozoregalia – gazellver
Piercings – Twee – Liska
Bruises – -SU-

Mar Extras –
Face Tattoos – SU/Utopia & Little Pricks/Little Stories
Piercing – [ni.Ju] – Chomp
Bracelets – Insaynia

Chris Outfit –
Shirt – Ronsem – Military Tee
Pants – TonkTastic – Combat Pants
Boots – ED – Impact Boots

Tattoo – [Glue Ink] – Infinitas- To No End


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