For about a month or so, I’ve started to become very bored with blogging. Not because of what the amazing creators are bringing out but because i feel like im blogging to keep up with the trend of everyone else. And if you knew me. It’s not who i am. Also due to RL complications, I haven’t exactly been in the mood to do it either. Which is unfortunate because i used to really love blogging. I am not sure if alot of you have noticed that Reese and i haven’t blogged alot lately. Due to her RL Reese may or may not be returning. Unfortunately it’s just starting to become to much for her and she may need to give this up.

So for myself, I will be taking a week or 2 hiatus, just to get shit back in order and to start to want to love the feeling of blogging again. THIS IS NOT A GOODBYE. I will return. Just for now. I need to open my wings abit and go for a fly. I really do hope all of you will understand.

I look forward to doing it again and looking forward to all the wonderful people who do actually read this crappy blog. lol


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