Okay, so for the past, i dunno, 2 weeks? Bouncer has been raving on and on and on about this store called Bullwinkle.. Honestly he’s mentioned it that many times in my ear i started to zone out when he did (<3), So i went on a girly shopping trip with my mum and sis in RL today and when i came home i thought… Hmm could go for more shopping.. So i jumped on SL and thought, Why the fuck not.. I’ll check out Bullwinkle.. Well… note to self


Jesus christ this place is awesome.. They have the cutest shirts and all there graphics shirts are total loveage.. I do plan on going back and buying more of them. Adn dont even get me started on the hair.. Sooo many too choose from.. But i went with what i would wear all the time.. But seriously this store is super mega AWESOME… So don’t do what i did.. Actually listen and head down there cause you wont regret it.

TP to Bullwinkle.

Hair, Shirt and Jeans are from Bullwinkle.


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