Can i put out your fire ;)

Haha well i was sitting with my mum this morning and we were flicking through ideas of what kinda costume i could do and the top three was Fireman, Police woman and Nurse.. Now my mother is more vulgar and dirty then i am.. So ofcourse she had all dirty comments for each..

Fireman – All you need now is a hose
Policeman – SPREAD EM
And my fav…
Nurse – Dress up as a sexy nurse and im sure any fella will be willing to place his balls in your hands and cough… xD

In the end i decided on fireman.. I had most of the components for it in my inventory and i found all this fireman equipment for freeeeee on market 😀 lol But god damn i had to make the coal tattoo layer and it was a BITCH to make. But anyway im sooo happy with the end result and im so glad that this is my last outfit cause i think i did really well..  Anyway i hope you enjoy it 😀

AXE – [Avalira] Fire Axe *MARKETPLACE*

Hat – Random Find on Market
Hair – [e] – Rush
Eyelashes – RedGrave – Diva19
Makeup – Shake up – Red
Coal Layers – Made by me
Suspenders – AMERIE – Naughty
Skirt – *!t:: – Summer Jerk – Ketchup *CAN ONLY BE FOUND ON MARKET*
Boots – *DillyDolls* – Sonata


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