Army Brat

So Bouncer did like a whole Army outfit yesterday and it gave me the idea to do it for my day 4 😀 I have no idea what im doing tomorrow.. Anyway i was absolutely cheering cause i had EVERYTHING except the grenade in my inventory.. So i didn’t have to spend any money haha (Cheap bitch i know).. But after buying the new theosophy skybox and buying all new furni for it im almost broke.. haha.. Anyway.. Im gunna go blow up some bitches 😛

Helmet – Derp. – Military Warhead Helmet
Hair – [e] – Rush
Make up – Shake up – Green
Scars + Bullet Holes – cheLLe – J’Black injuries
Nose Bleed – Stiky Kiss
Grenade – Randomly Found on Market
Tattoo – Ink’d Up – Truly Blessed
Dress – [bubble] – Camouflage Ruffle Dress
Finger Tapes – Luck.Inc – Dollarbie
Belt/Accesories – Tonktastic – (Edited from the Combat Pants)
Braces – League – Side Gartered Stockings
Band Aids – [Kthnx] – Ouchie
Boots – MIEL – Far Boots

And yes im obsessed with the BSB’s lately.. So what.. Leave me alone 😛


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