Disappointment in GSP

Okay.. I’m not normally the type to complain and whinge. But as I’m coming to a point in my life where I’m finally getting back to working in RL, and my money is a lil tight until I start getting full payments again.  Which means I’m low on linden dollar.. Anyway.. I headed to the GSP today hoping for something decent, and I’ll be honest I wasn’t too happy last time.. Only to my disappointment.. I hate to say it.. but I was REALLY disappointed in the GSP this week.. When I spend my money, I want to spend it on quality, not crap that’s been just casually thrown together in a matter of an hour.  Which I’m sorry, but that is what seemed like had happened there this week.  A lot of the time I spend my linden on products to blog.   I don’t get very many items to blog, so usually I don’t mind lashing out because I know I’ll enjoy the product.  The items I am wearing below,  are probably the best ones I could find (Also add in the [Glue Ink] Henna Tattoo which I forgot to add).  I think the only purchase I really enjoyed buying was the emotional tongue.  I was literally crying from laughter when I tried these on.  But Seriously, what the hell is going on???   The first week had so many amazing products.   I mean, hell it helped me pick my next skin,  and if you know me well enough I’m a tough cookie to break about skins.  Basically, I’m complaining that I feel like I’m wasting my money.  It’s just not right.  I seriously think they need to either step up their game, or just give up all together!  I’m not the only person who thinks so….

Also on another note sad note, Grixdale are closing there stores for good on the 31st of august. So everything in store (ex the poses) are at 100L or less.. So hurry on down or it’ll be gone forever. I’m blogging one of the skins.

Shape, Tongue, Shirt, Pants & Flip Flops, Excluding the hair and skin can be found at the {GSP}

Skin – Grixdale – Teagen 2 – Honey – Finch
Hair – Exile – Bianca


One comment on “Disappointment in GSP

  1. i havent been to GSP this time around but i think they should give it up. there are too many “one week exclusive” things out there already.

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