lol day 2.. and i was going to be Lara Croft but i’ve never seen the movies or played the game.. So it was hard for me to put together an outfit when i’ve never really seen it.. So i went for a pirate… 😀 and i swear to god i am soooo in love with this bloody ruffle skirt.. omg.. It’s soo soo soo cute and so cheap. I also have it in black.  Anyway.. Putting this outfit together was alil difficult because i had to find most of the random stuff on market.. Also that parrot is only 50L and tit moves and does tricks.. While i was trying to take photos i was crying from laughter.. lol Anyway, Ofcourse i knew *MP* would have a pirate pose cause all her poses are amazing.. So i went and got myself that.. Comes with 5 different poses including a chest and sword 😀 I dont think i owned one bit of clothing i had on except for the boots.. Haha.. But.. None the less i had alot of fun doing it 😀

Hat – Bokeh – Pirate hat
Hair – AD – dive
Eyepatch – Bombard
Scars – Chelle – J’Black Scars
Parrot – (Found on Marketplace)
Harness – Kyoot – Addict to Dopamine
Blouse – Candace Hudson – Peasant Wench
Ruffle Skirt – *!t – Circus Jerk
Boots – [e] – Molasses

All the items above can be found on Marketplace

Poses *MP* – Pirate Pose (Includes Chest and Sword)
Bottle Found one Market.


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