Gatcha Festival

Sooo i was talking with Mr.Bouncer (His Blog) about the Gatcha festival and i mentioned how i hated them because i would always blow my money on them waiting to get the right colour (Cause im so fuckin determind) ANYWHO.. Next thing i know someones spamming my IMs and making a mess of my inventory.. Mr.B went and did it the gatcha sale for me.. God love his cotton socks. He only got me one outfit, one pose and i thought.. I cant just work with that… So i went down and grabbed two more… and i even walked away after i got what i needed.. lol.. so proud.. Now there is a massive variety of different items down there and seriously some are too cute for words.. Like these shoes from *FIR & MNA*.. OMFG i am in LOVEEEEE with these shoes.. And the poses from Olive Juice.. I love icecream.. So these poses made me happy in my pants haha 😀

Left –
PlaysuitSuit – Ingenue – Tropica : Dragon Fruit
Pose – Olive Juice – Spilled on my shirt
Shoes – *FIR & MNA* – The Twine Shoes Navy

Middle –
Necklace – Fri.Day – Thoreau
Outfit –  LeBloom – Ditty Pacific
Pose – Olive Juice – CoyScream

Right –
Swimsuit – * RUDE REBEL Ladys* – Ethnik Bikini
Pose – Olive Juice – Stroll

Not at gatchas –
Skin – Al Vulo – Pollon – Fairy
Skull Cap – NANUK – Subscribo gift
Hair – Elikatira – Break

So hurry your lil asses up and get on down there and pick up some adorable things.. and dont spend too much money like i do *Facepalms*


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