So i went to Insufferable Dastard cause i decided it was time to get new eyes… ANYWAY.. I saw their gatcha and there was a pair that i wanted sooooooooooo bad. It was only 20L, over and over and over again i kept getting all the ones i didnt want. Till about 200L i finally got them.. and omggggg i love them.. But the funny thing was i turned around and there they were for only 75L. God i swear im a real blonde sometimes… ALSOOOOOO Al Vulo FINALLY released a lighter tone on pollon and i swear to god ladies.. The love i have for this skin will NOT compare to the love you can have for any man.. Or woman if thats what your into 😛 Anyways i finally finished half of my inventory and decided to pull out a random outfit and this is what i got… And yes im finally wearing clothes.. Haha ❤

Skin – Al Vulo – Pollon – Fairy *NEW*
Hair – Raspberry Aristocrat – Khloe Hair *Love love love love*
Eyes – Insufferable Dastard – Heterochromia Blue/Brown **
Lipstick – *BOOM* – Pucker Candy
Necklace – Toxic Kitty – Simple Rosary
Shirt – {mon tissu} – Cosy up
Cuff – [bubble]
Watch – *BLITZED* – Legacy
Nails – TGIS
Belt – *BLITZED* – Plugged Belt
Pants – [Sassy Kitty Designs] – Low Unbuttoned/ Flare
Shoes – UBU – Low Tops

I thought this was awesome hahaha.. Except he said sourcers stone insted of philosphers.


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