Inspiration Challenge

Okay sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo there’s this Challenge going on for people to do a post of someone who has inspired you to blog.

The person i choose was lil Ms.Amberlee Martian… Check out her blogness hereeee..

Choosing Amber was totally easy.. Because one she has the most adorable fashion sense i think ive ever seen and two.. Have you seen her face? It’s like a field of cookies.. Just wanna nom it up…
Now i remember the day i found her blog.. I was a TOTAL noob (when it came to fashion) before i started blogging, and I ALWAYS checked her blog daily to see if i could find an outfit to wear or clothes to go and burn all my linden money on.. In so many ways did she inspire me to be able to change and look exactly how i wanted to be.. And it’s funny cause she always dressed how i wanted.. it was like she was inside my head or something… Sometimes girly.. sometimes boyish… or sometimes almost nothin at all (My fav ;P). So When i found out about this inspiration blog.. I’ll be honest.. I was shit scared.. I really didn’t think she would agree too it.. And guess what.. SHE DID!!! And god bless her lil cotton socks, she didnt whinge when i made her wait for me or nag that it took me a whole weekend to get back to her (i know i know im sorry haha), and she also didn’t whinge when she had to change her outfit from grunge to sweet and innocent, but i swear on my life what i WAS expecting from her was the complete opposite.. I really didnt think she would be such a dirty lil funny pervy girl like me.. And what’s even weirder we even look the same in RL.. it was sooo weird…

So anyway when i tp’d her i was in pink and white and we decided on that.. and an hour an a half later (she takes aslong as me to get dressed aha) we finally decided to take the photo.. At first we took some nice ones but then she just suddenly disappeared.. and when she came back… she mentioned how she had seen My flickr and new how much of a dirty perv i was so, we should try this pose out and that i should put on a mustache.. When she took me into her bedroom i just KNEW it was gunna be something bad, Haha well put it this way… I was in tears of laughter when we jumped on the pose ball.. Seriously.. I think im in love with this girl.. Haha, She is so amazing and funny and her fashion sense drives me wild.. I am so lucky to of met her and i am so grateful that she blogs because without her i really wouldn’t of had any kind of inspiration to create my own…

What’s even more weirder was having a picture of her and her husband in the background…. hahahaha im STILL laughing about this…
Click the picture to see it bigger.

So Amberlee you dirty lil perv.. Thank you for being sooooo amazing 😀


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