Happy Birthday Taste of SL!

This weekend has been one big birthday bash for the Taste of SL ! If you don’t know what the TOSL is, here’s a lil’ info. Taste of SL is a weekly sales event highlighting some amazing stores in SL!  Each Saturday through Sunday, you can find items from a select group of designers at at least 50% off the normal price. There are different themes weekly!  If you’d like to learn more, check out their website – http://tasteofsl.blogspot.com

Here are a few awesome items from this weekends theme to celebrate the Taste of SL’s Birthday!  The only items I will be listing in this post are those that are featured items of TOSL.

P.S. click the pictures to see the image full size


::MOOD:: Vengeance Earring

>>Alexohol: – Party Girl Dress

*MP* –  I’ve got Presents Pose

Dreamscapes Decor & Art Gallery – Birthday Bash Table (includes all accessories on it, presents too)


TWS – Birthday Party Pavillion

*MP* –  I’ve got Presents Pose

Pose – love me brutal}  {human pinata (includes candy)

~*INDIE ROSE*~ Paisley Scarf Dress

~*INDIE ROSE*~ Glordana Ankle Boots

By Reese

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