Glue inkage

OMG two posts in one night.. im on a roll.. That’s right people..

Sooo a week ago i was on voice with my friend Andi Rage of [Glue Ink] When he told me he was creating brand new baggies and INSTANTLY i knew that they would be more epic then god himself.. Sooo guess who has a pair of THEEEEE most awesome baggies in all of secondlife… *Raises hand* ACTUALLY.. i have 3.. in three different colours.. Which i got for free but STILL i own them.. and ofcourse i soooo would of went down and bought them.. so do me a favour… Look down at your baggies.. now at these.. now back at your own.. now back at these…. Your’s arent as good are they??? Nahhh didn’t think soo.


Alsooooooo Becks has been wearing these hot as hell undies from this store that shut down so she went ahead and did this awesome thing by recreating them and i think im officially in love with her for it now šŸ˜€

I find it hard to masturbate over this picture….


2 comments on “Glue inkage

  1. Look at yours…now look at mine…..what is this? An Old Spice commercial? Which are awesome btw lol.

    i also love the new theme and how you have your signature at the end of the post.

    • Haha i have no idea what the old spice commercial is but i thought it was funny to put it in the post cause these really are epic baggies :DDDD

      Haha aww thank you.. We love it too.. Ree says its just in time for July… lol not that i celebrate it anyway LMAO..

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