‘Till death do us part

The End.

So, since we are on the topic of friendship, ever had a friend that you knew better than they knew themselves?  Yeah, that’s Kami and I.  Whenever we walk into a store, she says “Ohh this is so you” or “Ohh I knew you were going to buy that!”.  I guess I’m predictable.  So, I decided to switch it up some and went to the dark side of myself!  <insert Kami’s flashlight joke here>

Anyway, I’ve been called a lot of thing…A princess. A diva. A bitch, and my favorite of all, SL Prom Queen <waves…..elbow, wrist>  Today, I don’t feel like being any of these.  Today, I feel like being….gory.   So where’s the best place in SL to shop when you are bloodthirsty?  Repulse.

I can’t decide if I like the throat or wrists slits better. I do know that I am totally amazed with the spineless back wound.  It’s so realistic….and these zombie eyes, another favorite.  Ohhh and I am completely in love with the Shuthefuckup Face Tattoo.  Although my lips are stitched shut, doesn’t stop my fingers from typing! Nice try though!

Seriously, this shop is covered in gore from head to toe and thanks to Repulse, so am I!

Check it out!

PS…..Click the pics for full view!



Shape – Sybil by .: Ree :.

Skin- :GP: Sundust [Dark] Chic-

Hair – Action Womens Hair Trud

Eyes – REPULSE – Zombie v2 Eyes

Mask -SiniStyle Cyber Respirator

Blindfold -*Epic* Mod Blindfold

Lip Tattoo – REPULSE – Shuthefuckup Face Tattoo

Dress –  Military Dream Dress *Blood Version 02

Knife – MIASNOW Accessory – STABBED in heart

Throat Tattoo – REPULSE – Slit Throat Vital Wound

Wrist Tattoo – REPULSE – Slit Wrists Vital Wound

Spine Tattoo – REPULSE – Spineless Back Wound


shape: *YG* Mollie Shape (NEW)

Skin: LAQ – Tess2 in Mocha

Hair: Action- IVY

Eyes: DAMNED- Jabu Eyes in BLACK (NEW)

Lashes: Redgrave- 31 ExtraLong

Top: Luck Inc- Shameless Cropped Top

Bracelets: Mandala- Sinra Bracelets in Samurai Black

Gag: Glue Ink- Shush Gag

Tattoo: Glue Ink- Only God Can Judge

Skirt: PaperDoll- Stretch Cotton Mini

Rings and Nails: +Rozoregalia+- Gemma Rings & Nails

Stockings: !mPS!- Ripped Stockings and Socks

Boots: [Gos]- GTFO Boot in Black

Stomach Tattoo: REPULSE- Cunt Stomach Wound Tattoo

Face Piercings: <-PoM->- Jess

By Reese

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