Okay so this is only a really really really quick post cause it’s the weekend and it’s total MADNESS for me.. but i logged on just for all of you to see the specials for this weekends TOSL (Taste of Second Life).. aaaaand it’s animal print  woooooo \o/ mine and Ree’s fav.. As you all know.. Stores included are.. Magnifique, Izzie’s, Blacklace, Alexohol, [Lauria],  [Lauria], Zoe’s Garden, Zoe’s, Factorie,  Garden, Clutter, +DV8+, .::Divine::., Saturnine Dreams, (3*S) Shania’s Sock Shop, [VIRTUAL INSANITY], Cleo Design, Trainquility Way Station Deisgns, Baby Monkey Shoes, AlterEgo, PiCHi, Vogue bodyshop, Simply, ~Simply~ and Collision.. So run on down and pick up your stuff 😀 Anywhoooo.. I had to put a outfit together with a few of there items and show you.. I hope you enjoy it like i did 😀

Elephant pose by Magnifique Poses.. Soooo cute, comes with 6 different poses including sitting ontop of it.. Also im sorry about the heels.. I tried to blog them along with this but one decided to be an a**hole.. loll they are also included and are from PiCHi.. Have these adorable leopard prin on the side with a lil fringe at the back.. serious.. if they would rezz for me i would never take them off… EVER!!

Shirt/ Corset is from Axelhol.. The pack comes with 10 different versions of animal prints including, leopard, zebra, snake etc etc. The quality is absolutely astounding and i have a feeling i know what im going to be wearing for the next week and a half.. The corset underneath is seperate and seriously its so cute i could DIE!!! The skirt is included in another outfit pack and comes with a pink leopard halter which is also nom noms the skirt and shirt come from AlterEgo and also have half fish nets included.. The outfit is for those that want to dress really sexy and i can guarantee its an outfit in my waiting list for later on.

I will add the style card for this outfit after the weekend.. But please please pleaseeeee get on down to al the TOSL stores and buy these gorgeous items.. serious hotness… ❤


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