{Junebug}, TFG, Mstyle & Chic Event

Soooo this adorable lil girl named Giulia Honig has created some pretty AMAZING tattoos that are just to DIE for.. Her stores name is Junebug..  The quotes are nom nom and i am never ever taking them off… Seriously.. sooooooooo yummy.. You NEED to go buy them right now.. because if you dont.. i’ll slap you…

Here is you link too JuneBug

^^^ My Fav : DDD

Also thanks to my bestest Aurie for the”Punani” Pastie… Lmao (Such laugh on voice)

Sooooo i also went and checked out the Chic Birthday Event (Which has so many AMAZING stores) and also headed on over to the 10th edition of the TFG, Which might i add was a VERY VERY VERY bad idea… Because im now officialy broke lmao.. But seriously everythign was such a good buy.. i got this gorgeous brand new skin from mynerva and a HOT leopard dress with this gorgeous hair from the Chic Event.. then i also got This adorable sailor outfit with a anchor necklace, vive9 has this adorable lil floral silk blouse that is to die for.. AND i got this cute dress from love… Seriously.. the TFG this week is off the hook and you must must must must must get down there and buy all of it right now.. because.. i did.. and like i said.. Im broke LMAO I also wanted to add in the brand newness of the Mstyle shoes with the lil prim toes hanging out the front.. O.M.G seriously.. nom nom nom and the leopard print makes my heart beat out of my chest… ohhhh how i love second life 😀


Nom nom your way on down to Mstyle

Your chariot to the TFG.. GO NOWWWW!!!


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