Howdy Ya’ll

Hodwy folks πŸ˜€ I got some newness for ya’ll today from the gorgeous store Nestle.My.Bossom.. God i love that name mwhahaa.. Anyway.. I also did a little bit of the Zombie hunt before i started feeling sick and got the AWESOME overralls.. I also bought this hat/hair from Action and i instantly had an outfit.

The shirts are fuckin amazing.. Yes i swore about it.. The graphics on the front are seriously adorable and the “phrases” have so much meaning that i’m sure everyone can relate. They could be used in a girly or tomboyish way and its the way i like my clothes.. Plus they are only 25L each and 20L for the whole fat pack.. If thats not a bargain then slap my ass and call me sally… Also these overralls are the sex.. seriously.. they fit perfectly and i love the baggyness.. And ofcourse the action hair has such gorgeous textures.. The hat is sooooo f’n adorable i wanna try and match it up with EVERYTHING in my inventory.. lol

I also had to add some yummy goodness into this blog aswell seeing as how slack i’ve been with blogging.. So i asked Jackson to blog with me for the country look and instantly he said yes. *wipes drool while editing photos* Hes got these awesome overralls from NV on and i swear i wanna go get myself a pair.. And also i’m sorry about his hat.. but it was being stubborn with his hair.. But his face makes up for it πŸ˜€ I would also mention everything else on his body but he’s not really wearing much (not that im complaining lmao)

Take this TP to Nestle my Bossom and buy the fat pack NOW!!!!! DO IT!!!

Skin – Glam Affair – Mary – Tan
Hair/Hat – ACTION – Polly
Glasses – K_gs
Straw – Marketplace (not sure of name)
Tattoo – ~Pepper~ – Kiss me
Shirt – {Nestle My Bosom} – Chill Asshole – *NEW*
Pants – [Pumpkin] – Overall Special – *ZOMBIE HUNT*
Shoes – UBU – Low Tops

Skin – DNA – Legacy – Type2a, Faux Chin Patch
Hair – Anaphora – Jayden – Onyx
Hat – T-Designs
Tapes – Sorry.Asia
Necklace – Sorry.Asia – Anchor
Finger tapes – Linc*
Pants – NV
Shoes – UBU – Slip ons

I’ll add the links to the stores alil later.. I’m freezing right now lol


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