Blue Monday

Argh!  It’s Monday!  The good news is, it’s almost over.  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I know I did, SL and RL.  So in the blah spirit of Monday,  I put together this incredibly sexy outfit.  The top is just “wow”.  My girls are all out there, and looking perky! ( just about the only thing perky on me today)  Thank you Cynful for  your boobaliciously designed top! ❤

These sexy ass jeans, and that’s exactly what they are, sexy assed…are from T. Whore.  They are offered in so many colors, I couldn’t decide.  Now that I see how amazing they look on, I must have them all! <mwhahahaha>

I’m totally rockin’ the Teegan skin from AMD.  As I have mentioned over and over,  I am super picky about my skin and this one made the cut.  The tone is perfect for me, just the right about of tan, highlights and blush.  The lips are to die for!  I have to say Miss Apple May is not only talented but a super nice gal to do business with.  Kami and I went on a shopping rampage just a few days ago and both picked up Teegan.  Being the shopping pro I am, I quickly lead us to the “cleavage enhancers”.    Ahem….I never thought I’d admit this, especially in this forum but, “YES,  REESE HEARTSDALE’S BOOBS ARE FAKE!”  There, I said it.  Anyway, I bought the peachy tone enhancer and told Kami to click and buy the tone she needed.  Once we got home, we found out we bought the wrong enhancers for our skin.  So…..I messaged Apple straight away and she was beyond helpful, and understanding to my error.  Mistake corrected! Thanks Apple!

On to accessories! ::LEO-NT:: recently released these hot bangles and fabulous nails!  I love the detail of the flower and dragonfly!  I am so fond of these type of nails.  ❤  The earrings I am wear are precious.  They are from ::MOOD::  and in my next post you will see the stunning matching headpiece.  This is top quality!  The headband I am wearing is from ::SPLIT PEA::.  Unfortunately, this item isn’t for sale, it was a limited edition item for a special event some time ago.  Still super cute though!

Now, I know you are dying to hear about the stilettos I’m wearing.  Well, if you have read my prior postings I rave about HOC and yup, she has done it again!  These stilettos are perfect with jeans, dresses, skirts, shorts! So easy to wear.  They are several different color options for the heels, skin tone and nails.  Guu Nishi, was kind enough to pass me a few pair of her designs!  I love each and every one.  These heels are by far one of the finest on all the grid! Thank you Guu!



Reese ❤


Shape:  .: Sybil :. by  Ree

Skin: (AMD) Teegan – Peachy

Makeup: .:Glamorize:. Knockout Eyes – Silver

Hair: [e] Wish

Headband: ::SPLIT PEA:: OMS With that silver stripping off

Earrings: ::MOOD:: Pearle Blossom

Top: Cynful – MelJo -Teal

Jeans: *T.Whore* – S&M Skinny Jeans


Nails:  ::LEO-NT::SensualTouch Nails

Heels:  HOC Industries – Noir Stilettos

Skin: (AMD) Teegan – Peachy




By Reese

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