Will we ever say the words were feeling?

Haiiiiiii lovelys.. How was your weekend? Mine was lazy.. My mum and best friend got blind wasted on saturday night while we all played WII then we played WII again all day sunday and i’ve just been playing nintendo 64 ever since.. LOVE that console 😛 Anyway i logged on today and realised that i had no linden so i thought.. Time to pull out stuff from my inventory and i’m so proud of myself for doing this cause my imagination lately had just been so crap.. And yes i know i cant take this hair off.. I love it.. It’s pretty much how my hair looks everyday in RL haha messy.. I also hadn’t worn these jeans in a while.. so i figured why not give it a go 😀 and i’m totallllyyy in love with this jacket by Epic.. it’s seriously so cute.. Plus my boobs look awesome in this outfit 😛

Skin – Lara Hurley – Leah – Smokey glass/tan
Hair – !Lamb – Isolation
Headband – (Elate!) – Silk Bow Headband (Texture Change)
Earrings – *BOOM* – Ion Earrings
Jacket –*Epic* – Tweed Equestrian Bolero
Shirt – KHUSH – Mia Top
Nails – [EY:NO] – Black Diamond
Watch – BLITZED – Legacy
Waist belt – *Fishy Strawberry*
Pants – [Addict] – NORA
Heels – [PM] – Baby T’s

Glee – Pretending


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