Sniff alota p….

Helloooo 🙂 Sooo exciting day today.. I am the proud mumma of two gorgeous meeroos.. Oh yeah.. My front yard is turning into a friggen barn.. I have two dogs, a cat, 3 piggies, a Saber tooth (Which is 100x bigger then i am), two penguins and now two gorgeous meeroos.. anyway i have had this -SU- outfit for the last 3 days and just haven’t had a chance to blog it.. And i thought seeing as i dont have anything new why not.. These tops and leggings are about a week old from -SU- so they are still fairly new.. They come in all types of colours and i totally LOVE the cum dribbled tattoo with it.. The leggings are gorgeous and the textures make me want to cream them when i put them on.. Also i went shopping with my friend Jackson and we ran across this lil store called BeBe Doll.. Such cute clothes.. but when i saw these dresses i just HAD to get them in the fat pack.. EVERYONE loves M&Ms and if you don’t then there’s something wrong with you.. The faces on these crack me up and i rekon if you played with your inventory abit you could make this an awesome outfit matching it with a pair of jeans or just simply on it’s own with some nice high top boots from dilly dolls..

Skin – Lara Hurley – Leah – Smokey Gloss/Tan
Hair – [YunA’s Hair] – YH22
Make up – *BOOM* – Renegade Princess Shadows, KHUSH – Wing 2 liner
Earplugs – [GLUE INK] – Metallic
Cum – -SU-
Cuff – Ha! – O’Ring
Watch – Blitzed – Legacy
Tattoo – AITUI – Rat Barbers
Nails – [EY:NO] – Black diamond
Shirt and Leggings – -SU- – Free Blowjob Tee, Basic Leggings
Shoes – [PM] – Baby T’s


Dresses – *BeBe Doll* – M&M Costume

Lady Gaga – The Edge of Glory


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