Omg hubba hubba

Okay sooooo i just realllyyy couldn’t help myself.. My friend Jackson asked me to help him fix his AV and look at the end result.. OH.. MY..GOD… how hot does he look.. If we weren’t friends i would pounce that so quick haha.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pants he is wearing.. Probably my favourite pants that were made for men on SL..Also sorry about his necklace not rezzing it took forever for it to rezz and i got impatient 😛 anyway i’m sorry i don’t have much to say im still drooling over his pictures.. lol enjoy ladies 😉

Skin – DNA – Legacy – Type2a, Faux Chin Patch
Hair – Anaphora – Jayden – Onyx
Tapes – Sorry.Asia
Finger Tapes – *Linc*
Plugs – ~Pepper~ – Wood BIG
Necklace – Sorry.Asia – Lonely Sailor
Shirt – *[RIANO Ink.] – Remember My Name
Pants – ZooBong – Rockstar *Belt come’s with Pants*
Shoes – Pornstar – Slipons

(Stopped drooling yet?? 😉 )

Bruno Mars – Lazy Song
(Can i just say.. This has to be the BEST video clip made for a song.. EVER)


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