Pure imagination

Seeing as i have now calmed down i thought i would redo that other blog.. And silly me forgot to save what i wrote last time… Basically i went to the TFG and found a few things that i loved and while i was there went to the crazy store.. i always loved this dress but seeing as im not a huge girly girl i figured what was the point.. But i remembered buying these shoes that i TOTALLY love from the pose fair from the PM stall and i just had to match them both up together : DD Also below are the newest releases from [GLUE INK].. Hot lil tattoo and a few loose shirts that are avail in black and white.. They are seriously so fun to wear 😀 Also a friend of mine Ms.Dyna Serenity creates gorgeous shapes and sparklies for your eyelashes and lips 😀 Sooo cuteness..

Skin – Lara Hurley – Leah – Smokey Gloss/Tan
Hair – booN – BAB853 w/ – TRUTH – Bangs
Ear Plugs – [GLUE INK] – Metallic
Necklace – Nature II – TFG special
Bracelets – Erratic –  Twisted Bracelets
Nails – Mstyle – Long French
Dress – Crazy – Julia
Shoes – [PM] – Fae – *Only avail at Shoe Fair*

Tattoo – [GLUE INK] – Bitch Please *NEW*
Bra and undies – BLEH

Loose Shirts – [GLUE INK] – All Avail in Black and White.

Eyelid and Lip Sparklies – Body Perfect – Comes in ranges of colours.

Willie Wonka – Pure Imagination
Had this song stuck in my head since Glee last week.


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