You gotta create the moooood

So my imagination and creativity has gone out the window lately.. Just haven’t been able to put an outfit together >.< But i walked into Panda Express this morning and i went nutters.. Also when i received the bloggers pack from [GLUE INK], I just knew i had my outfit :D.. I don’t get to wear my Abyss stompers very often so it was fun putting this outfit together.. The new bubsy shirts from [Glue Ink] are absolutely adorable. They come in several patterns and colours and the new “fuck it” back tattoo is total hottness. Also i was at GOL the other day and i saw a guy with a nose bleed and i just HAD to have it.. Seriously best buy i have ever made.. Also i went and got these bandaids from Sorry.Asia which are brand spanker :D..

Skin – Lara Hurley – Leah – Smokey Gloss/Tan
Hair – booN – LUV205, TRUTH – Bangs
Goggles – *Dirty Linx* – Kimiko
Eyes – Tuli – Creature Eyes – Blue
Tapes – Sorry.Asia – Tape Face
Nose Bleed – Stiky Kiss
Piercings – Cobrahive – Star Gatum
Ear Plugs – [GLUE INK] – Sculpted Metallic
Necklace – ~Pepper~ – Key
Shrug – Panda Express – Onyx
Kinetic Top – Panda Express – Candy Zebra
Tapes – *Linc* – Finger Tapes
Nails – MStyle – Long Nails Classic
Piano Key – Bird Next Door
Skirt – Panda Express – Alice Hazard
Shoes – The Abyss – Stompers

LMFAO – Party Anthem
Cause everyday i’m shufflin’ 😀


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