I’m on the edge

I’m totally not in the mood to blog.. But i will for my lil monsters. It’s a sad day for me… I had to take out my Industrial piercing in RL.. 😦 It was just getting too infected as much as i was trying to save it i just couldnt..  But not to fret.. Just means time for another piercing 😉 I also tore alil bit of my stretched lobe.. So i’m not too happy about that.. But anyway I haven’t worn baggies for a while, and i’m getting alil tired of going out and buying new clothes cause i usually feel like crap after cause i have so much clothes already… SO i put my baggies on and i just went from there.. I guess i look like a music kid with a hip hop side haha, if i could dress like this in RL i so would. (Including the shape).. Silly me forgot to add one thing to the [GLUE INK] post aswell.. They have this newish Ipod that straps to your arm.. Very stylish if you wanna look like your going to the gym or just a music bogan like i am today.. I’ve also really missed my kicks.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Balknik shoes.. Infact i might head that way and get another pair 😉 I’m also wearing one of my birthday pressies from my gorgeous bestie Ree.. Her and i are like sisters.. And i always got he back.. So for my birthday she got me a sister necklace from LacieCakes it’s seriously so cute with lil stars.. oh and i HAVE to mention the adorable piano key i have.. It’s only 5L.. Cheap as hell right? So adorable.. Get it HERE.. I’m never ever taking it off 😀

Skin – Lara Hurley – Leah – Smokey Gloss/Tan
Hair – [u] – Demi
Glasses – Kalnins – Half Shutter
Key Necklace – ~Pepper~ – Key Necklace
Sister Necklace – *Lacie Cake* – Sisters Star
Suspenders – AMERIE (Jacket Layer)
Shirt – .:Villena:. – The Rocket Summer
Cuff – [Bubble]
Watch – *BLITZED* – Legacy watch
Nails – * Rezlpsa Loc * – Hot Hot Pink
Piano Key – Bird Next Door
Belt – [MANDALA] – Mikoto Belt
Pant – AMERIE – Loose Pants (Mens section)
Shoes – Balkanik – SUPAH- Dunk Blue/Black
Poses – Glitterati

Ipod – [GLUE INK] – Action Pod (Strap can change to different colours)

Colbie Calliat – Bubbly


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