So i know i’m a bad friend and i haven’t blogged anything of [GLUE INK] in a while and ANdi chucked a poo at me so i thought i would dedicate a whole blog to him.. But before i start talking about his and Becks wonderful products can i just mention how AMAZING my party was.. And if it wasnt for Ree it might not of happened.. I am seriously sooo lucky to have her, Kami and Aurie in my SL.. I seriously don’t know where i would be without those girls.. You three are my reason for logging into SL :DDD

So yeah anyway onto the [GLUE INK] items.. Now i don’t have the recent Latin Tatoo but i do have the regret tattoos and omg they are amazing.. The coloured one is soooooo beautiful the colour on it just gives the tattoo life.. Although i must admit the non coloured one i very fierce.. Also new to Glue ink is the new corset piercing for girlies.. Its seriously so adorable.. And if i were game enough to walk around naked and with just this piercing on i totally would.

I put the two back pics together so i wouldnt use too many photos haha

Kenny Hoggins – Footloose


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