Girl you got some fiiiine tittahs on you

*Licks fingers* Sorry just eating chips LOL.. Soooo tomorrow is my 22nd birthday *Woooo*.. And it doesn’t even feel like it.. lmao.. I’m not a huge person on celebrating birthdays.. Soo i guess it’s not really a whole lot of special. But we are having a party in world (Cause we can) on Tuesday 9pmSLT.. If you want to come just message myself or Reese Heartsdale and we can give you an LM.. Come down and party.. theres gunna be a DJ and lotsa fun ūüėÄ So today i have two outfits for you.. I was supposed to blog one before the weekend but i felt lazy andddd decided not too lol..But because i love this outfit so much i thought i would include it in todays post. Now if you know me like alot of my friends do, they will tell you i’m not exactly girly.. I’m probably one of the biggest tom boys you will ever meet… I burp and fart (On mic lol) and swear oh so much, usually i hardly wear skirts or dresses and if i do i dress them up wth chucks/sneakers.. Usually.. And for a while i was going through that girly stage but now im back to my plain ol’ self and i think it’s cause of the GOL incident that just put me in a pissed off mood. So my first look is my ” Don’t f*ck with me look” lol i was in such a bad mood for like 3 days just because of that incident. I know, I know it seems silly to get so worked up about something like that but I hardly get angry.. but when i do.. It sticks. I can be moody.. But angry no. And my second look was inspired by Worn Clothes blog.. I loved the outfit but i just had to make it my own with my rainbow chucks, Awesome beanie from Hermony and adorable bag by Pepper.. I know it’s cheating by using other peoples inspirations but.. If someone did it from me.. I would be proud lol..

Skin РLara Hurley -Leah Р Smokey Gloss/Tan
Hair – >TRUTH< – Emily
Ears – Aitui – Stretched Type 1
Glasses – Kalnins Sunglasses – Half Shutter
Straw – Marketplace – Sugar Bumblefoot
Tattoo – Ink’d Up
Necklace – Pepper – Key to my heart – *TFG SPECIAL*
Over Shirt – AOHARU – Roll Up Open Shirt – Check
Undershirt – -SU- – Simple Tank
Cuffs – [Bubble] – Black
Nails – [EY:NO] – Black Diamond
Belt – [MANDALA] – Mikoto Black
Pants Р[Sassy Kitty Designs] РLow Black Unbuttoned
Boots – ::Kookie :: – Armarda Long / Noir

Beanie – .:Hermony:. – Oversized Beanie
Hair – (Milana) – Jade
Shirt – [SOUP] – Saki*
Skirt Р*Fishy Strawberry* РPeyote Mini Р*Culture Shock*
Bag – Pepper – White Messenger
Shoes – UBU – Lo’¬† Tops
Inspirtation – Worn Clothes


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