Pizza anybody?

I know i havent blogged in a couple of days but if you read my flickr you will know that i’ve been having GOL trouble and the last thing i wanted to do was bring my anger into my blog… But all is passed and im a happy chap now… Speaking of the word Happy Chap my doggy in SL is named that and hes sick atm 😦 So lets all wish him well yes? 😀 I also bought a new beagle, female and named her cinderella.. She will be my lil princess.. So anyway I have also been doing this random thing on Flickr where you put 100 things you dont know about me where you basically just put photos and write things that people may not know about you.. Whether it be RL or SL.. It’s actually alot of fun.. But speaking of its actually what’s apart of my blog today.. A couple of days ago i posted a dorky as outfit so i thought i would blog it.. 😀 So basically on days i don’t know what to wear i just throw together whatever sounds good.. This is what i came up with.. It’s not high fashion or anything but god it was fun to wear 😀 Also as much love and passion i have for clothes, my REAL passion is for Furni and houses.. I am totally obsessed with furni and houses in SL. Ask Reese.. I’m bloody shocking… I could spend 7,000L in an hour just on furni…  I change my house every week cause im never happy and usually always have new furni.. I have more furni then clothes and i have about 100 houses and only used about 6 of them lol.. So i was gunna blog photos of my new house but the blog is being an ass so check them out HERE.. My inspiration was from… Randi Lenroys blog Daily Roo… Now she blogs houses and furni and her latest one.. Here… Was AMAZING.. i fell in love with it and i had to instantly get something similar.. Now my house isnt EXACTLY the same, Its the same house but i set it up in a way of my own style (all 2025 prims later 😉 ).. Her blog helped alot with different places to buy furni though.. Now im not going to post down every item here so instead if you see something you like just comment here or IM me in world and i’ll pass you an LM.. So i hope you enjoy my house as much as meeeee.. I think this one will be staying for a while 😀

Skin – Lara Hurley – Smokey Gloss/tan
Hair – Truth – Emily
Glasses – J.E.M – Star
Cuffs – [Bubble] – Plain Black
Nails/Rings – [EY:NO] – Black Diamond
Bow – [CheerNo] – Colourful
Shirt – =FRUK= – All cool kids go to rehab
Skirt – *Deviant Girls* – Cutoff Black
Tights – :Mustard Creations: – Black Polkie Dot
Shoes – Urban Bomb Unit – Pornstar Lo-Tops

Rihanna – California King Bed
(This song has so much meaning to my life and what i’ve been through.. I loved it before it was popular)


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