Feeling kinkeh?  If not, this blog post will get you in the mood!  A few days ago, I bought a gag from Kumaki Glasses Style and I immediately knew it was going to be a favorite accessory for me but instead it wasn’t an accessory at all because I put together my entire outfit around it.

Mar Mar and I went on a shopping spree, nothing new there but as soon as we tped in to !Admiral Spicy!, there it was! The outfit I needed to accessorize my silk gag!  I bought the pink and Mar the black!  That’s when the fun began!   I tossed on some ultra sexy heels from ::TGIS::, big chunky earrings from [MANDALA] and their famous Sinra 2 nails and rings.

Mar took me by surprise and jumped right into the role as the Dom!  Her sexy red lips from Chola and dramatic eye make up from DAMNED transformed her from the sweet, cute Marlly I know, into an in control, dominate bitch. Man, that’s so hot.  To complete her look, she brought out a riding crop from *xoxo ania* <meep>

We tped off to a friend’s pervy sim for some action, of course we brought a few guy friends to join us.  We had so much fun trying all the pose balls, 12 way pool table, sex prison and run down building.   Mar Mar felt right at home taking control of the poses.  She’s my closet dom! ❤

I hope you find our pictures as enjoyable as we enjoyed posing for them.  Yes, we only posed for photography purposes……or did we??? =)


Skin – Lara Hurley – Leah Natural gloss/tan

Shape – Mine

Eyeliner – -DAMNED- Trival Make up/Pouty mouth

Lips – Chola – Lips Red

Hair – .Ploom. – Seffy ll – Crimson

Ears – Aitui – Stretched Type 1

Nails – :OW: – “Anti Flick” *Gift*

Riding Crop – *xoxo ania*

Arm Tapes – V Tattoo Store – Arm Tapes

Collar – *C:K* – Elegant Lace Neck Brace – Black

Outfit – !Admiral Spicy! – Strap it! – Black

Boots – BAX – Prestige Black Leather


Skin -(AMD) Misha -Vogue

Shape – Mine

Makeup – .:Glamorize:. Tasty Kiss Lips – Red Delicious

Hair-“LoQ Hairs” Mocha


Gag – K_gs GagMask


Cuffs – Bright – Cuffs

Outfit- !Admiral Spicy! – Strap it! – Pink

Heels-::TGIS:: Studded Heels

By Reese

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