Doooont you want me babeeeh

Well hello my prettys 😀 So.. is anyone seriously excited over this “Royal wedding” bullshit.. Cause i sure as hell aint.. I couldn’t give to F*cks.. It’s spammed across our tv.. And my mum is making tea and crumptets and shes all so excited -.- So anyway i was blog stalking through noobmunchs blog to see if they had anything interesting when i came upon an old photos with clothing that i was adored too.. So.. I just had to copy it (I know i know im a fashion theif) but i also kinda made it my own as im broke -.- So anyway the only thing i really needed were the boots and OMG i always wanted a pair of dilly dolly boots.. Seriously.. 75L and they are the most droolafiable boots ever.. I make a proclmation that these shoes will never leave my feet again….. That or ill go and buy the fat pack when i get money 😛 And yes i have been watching Glee again.. Due to the headline.. but i just cant help it.. Their music and drama fills my soul.. Yeah okay thats a lie the shows just friggen amazing 😀 One day.. im gunna do a glee post.. lol ill dress like rachel berry or something.. hahaha..  Oh i so need a guy to pose for the blog soon.. We need some testosterone.. plus i just wanna perv..hehehehe

Skin – Al Vulo – Lalli* – Natural Blonde HB Sunkissed
Hair – Lelutka – Rain – Marilyn (I’m sure i blogged this earlier too but i love it)
Lipgloss – .:VILLENA:. – Candy gloss
Headband – (Elate!) – Silk Bow Headband (Texture changes)
Glasses – *Epic* – Unisex Colour Changer
Corset – <TheAbyss> – Black
Nails – [EY:NO] – Black Nails (Adorableeeee)
Cuffs – [Bubble] Plain black cuff
Belt – .:Hermony:. – Lucky Death
Pants – [Sassy Kitten Designs] – Low Unbuttoned
Boots – *Dilly Dollys* – Sonata Dark boot

Videooooooooo choice is ofcourse glee but not only that i LOVE this song.. Makes me dance like a mad person. 😛


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