Cause i’m stroooooong enough

Hmmm… Okay so lets see how nice wordpress is going to be to me today… I’m getting tired so my patience is thin… Well anyway as per usual as i have been in the last couple of days i have awoken at 7:30am… Shoot me now? I finally got to spend some time with my wife today after not seeing her for a whole week (Thats a lifetime to me) and we had so much fun.. We went on the Season Spring Bee to hide hunt and i tell you what.. Some of the things were amazing.. and some of them.. Not so much.. But after we got the bee at duboo i wentlooking around waiting for the next tp when i found these adorable mickey/minnie mouse ears… Well as soon as i put them on i HAD to make an outfit to go with it. SO i looked up minnie mouse and the most popular outfit seemed to be her red polka dot dress with the yellow shoes… So it’s what i go :P… Oh and i also got a new skin today.. After i came back yesterday, today i sat there and looked at my skin and something just didn’t feel right.. I didn’t feel happy about my skin.. or my shape. So… I went did something drastic… I changed my face.. Yes okay maybe it’s not over the top.. but for someone who hasnt changed their shape in over a year i would say thats pretty huge. Not only that but after i went and put the new alvulo skin on my shape didn’t match it.. So i just had to change my shape… And now i’m totally in love with it.. The shape.. the skin… omgggg i feel too hot to even look at anymore :PP So anyway it may be AUTUMN for me but in SL it’s spring so i did a spring clean out… I put in another house (Which was so cheap as hell) edited it a tiny bit, bought new furni which i never thought i would buy either… and 1000 prims later… im still not done… 🙂

Skin – Alvulo – Lalli – Natural Blonde Sunkissed
Shape – My Own 😀
Hair – Lelutka – Rain – Marilyn
Ears – Duboo *Only 15L*
Glasses – Gudshu – Blues
Pink Make up – *T.Whore* – Make up 10
Dress – Artilleri – Kitty dress
Tights – DeeTaleZ – Black Cotton Pantyhose
Shoes – MooShooZ! – Flats Yellow Linen

Song choice was actually choosen by my aunty in RL… She chose it to be about my bad RL break up i had bak in November last yr.. And now i can’t stop listening to it because it’s so true :))


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