I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaack :D

Right.. So who missed me??? *Looks for show of hands*… lol.. nyway i had such a great time.. The fresh air and the time away was just and exactly what i needed.. I actually started drawing again (Which i haven’t done in a long time due to personal reasons) AAAAAND i finished a book.. A book that i LOVED as a teenager and always walked past it thinking “Yeah i’ll read it” But never did.. Well… I did.. and omg i forgot how amazing it was.. It’s called The Lullaby by Sarah Dessen. It’s KINDA kiddie but the way she wrote the feelings of the character were very adult and i tell you what i think i understood the book more now then i did as a kid. But anyway so when i got back i had over 93 emails.. Mainly all from secondlife updates etc but some of them were from my wifey and my buddy rhys saying how they missed me… *Insert aww here*.. I have alot to catch up on and even though i got back today.. I just really cant not be bothered.. So instead i went on a QUICK shop.. And got some things for a quick post and i think i look pretty “aDORKable” 😀 I’m not too sure how “NEW” the dress and the boots and the glasses are.. But to me.. they are NEW.. 😀 And may i just say that the new toxic kitty store kinda scared me.. lol.. it went from being all emo (from how i liked it) to all pastel and bright and colourful(To how i loved it) but the whole emo look of the store suited it way better imo. Anyyyyyyhooo.. Just wannt say as a final how much i missed my Ree Ree and my Wifey Kami.. (Check out her blog) Enjoy my lovelys.. Oh and i probably wont be in wold much today.. Ya know.. Tired and all.. But i’ll be back tomorrow right as rain.. ❤ Also this blog is testing my patient today by just being a right c*nt so i’m only posting one photo today and i wont b updating what im wearing because for some gay unknown reason it wont be.. soooooo i’ll do it another time when i’m not so tired and grumpy and ready to smash my computer into the ground 😀


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