Hippity Hoppity!

Happy Easter everyone!  I hope the Easter B.  was good to you!  I had my traditional Easter Sunday breakfast of jelly beans and fruit punch!  I am zooming on a sugar high!  Right before I crash I’m going to inhale a chocolate bunny!  Man, I love Easter!

It was a long night and I was just about to log off when Rhys signed in!  He said Nik was dressed as a pink bunneh!  I just had to see how adorable he looked!  Isn’t he darling??  One by one, we all dressed in our animal PJ’s and had a blast doing it!  Off for some dancing at GOL!  We were a hit.  What a wonderful way to spend Easter morning! Good times =)

All PJ’s are from Intrigue Co.

Today’s song, just makes me feel good.  I’m addicted!

By Reese

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