Shadows anyone?

lol so today i sat there and was teaching Kami and Ree how to do blog photos and shadows on skype lmao omg these bitches crack me up.. Burping and shit.. So anyway i decided to tone down the girlyness and went for black and jeans.. Even though im wearing boots :\ Anyway when i bought these boots i totally regretted it because they cost me 800L.. i was like.. im never going to wear this.. because back then i was hardly girly.. I wore alot of jeans with my boots etc.. But now that im dressing more girly i dont regret buying them at all… Im so in love with the -SU- jeans.. the fluro pink makes me cream myself.. Just so much fun to wear. I also bought new eyes yesterday when shopping with Ree and i am kinda really in love with them.. They look evil as hell but it suits my inner spawn 😉 And i really never wanna take these headbands off.. They are just so adorable 😀

Eyes – Tuli Skins – Creature eyes – Grey = ❤

Skin – Lara Hurley – Leah Gloss/Tan
Shape – My own
Hair – Fri.Day – Brande – Delighted blonde
Headbands – TDR – Special
Piercings – Cobrahive
Glasses – K_gs
Gag – K_gs
Tattoo – [GLUE INK] – Tiny dancers
Shirt – [Cynful] – Dancealicious – Black
Belt – ::Hermony:: – Silver rust
Pants – -SU- – Bitish Pants Pink
Heels – BAX Prestige – Black Leather

Song choice – Eve Simons – Silly boy


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