Run baby Run

Not sure if anyone has noticed yet.. But the blog has officially been changed :DIt’s MarRee now.. Why is that? Well because my baby girl Ree has agree’d to blog with me… TILL BLOG DO US PART 😀

So today i went and got my ears stretched again (RL) and it actually didn’t hurt as much as i thought it would.. Burned for about 2 minutes and then it was like..Is that it?? 😛 Anyway.. Yesterday Aurie and i were talking about how cool it would be if had a sale because we wanted new hair because the fringes on their hair are AMAZING and i logged in today and guess who’s having a sale? FRI.DAY 😀 coincidence much? The gods we’re listening.. So ofcourse me and all my girlies went there and i kinda spent alil too much lol.. (Over 1K) but it doesn’t bother me all too much because i absolutly love their hair and it’s totally worth it.. So the sale is running from the 10th to the 17th so hurry your lil tooshys on down there and pick up some nice clothing and hair all at 50% off ;).. My style today was also helped by buying a new hair.. and i was in a funky kind of mood.. so i put my skinnies on with the new hair and i HAD to wear my studded heels (Because i hadn’t worn them before) and it kinda made me feel and look like michael jackson… Weird much? lol But anyway it’s casual and simple and i loved it.. The heels make me smile from ear to ear because if i wasn’t like 6ft tall in RL i would probably go out and buy some there too (Even though i dont wear heels.).. ALLLLLLSOOOOO I know i kinda mentioned it before but i would really really really LOVE to welcome one of my best friends Reeeeeeeese Heartsdale to what is now OUR blog.. 😀 I adore this girl to death and her fashion is just way better then mine.. So i look forward to the fashion she creates and the fun times we will have together.. SO welcome baby girl…

From L to R
Adriana, Brande 2, Hailey 2 – Delighted Blonde
From L to R
Jazmine 2, Rashelle, Victoria – Delighted blonde

Skin – Lara Hurley – Leah Natural Gloss/Tan
Shape – Mine
Hair – Victoria – Delighted Blonde
PIercings – Cobrahive – Gauged star
Juice box – Given from a friend
Tattoo – Wrist – Aiutu Stars, Pelvis – KHUSH Try sleeping with a broken heart
Nails – :OW: – Black GIFT
Tank – Fri.Day – White *FREEBIE*
Pants – Atomic – Ripped skinny jeans – Vintage
Heels – [bellballs] – Dangerously Studded Heels – Black

Had too show you up close how hot they are 😉

Song Choice – Glee – Dont you want me


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