You look like chris browwwwn

Ploom’s having a spring sale on atm.. So i rushed over to take a looksies and they have the cutest hair ever.. I absolutly love the textures and the colours.. Makes me drool.. And at 100L each how could i refuse? So because i liked so many of them i choose my three favourite. I was skipping around wondering what else i could show off and so i went to the [pumpkin] sim to check out the stores there as i hadn’t been in a while ( .:Villena:., Dread, Unicorn, ET] ) and i went into Villena and i remember about these adorable jumpers they have with mickey mouse on the front.. Back when i first discovered the store i was on my old account.. So i didnt have them on my new one so i bought all the colours just to show off to you guys :D… I also bought these pair of really baggy jeans aswell. I was looking for a different pair but these had to do and now i’m in love with them.. you can style it up almost anyway you want.. You can be a boy or girl in these jeans 😛 Sooo anyway i’m yawning my head off and i have a feeling i’m going to be waking up early so i better crash. xx

Skin – Lara Hurley – Leah Natural Gloss/tan
Shape – My own
Eyelashes – Redgrave – Diva 19
Eyes – Curious – Tragic sea
Piercings – Cobrahive gauged star
Ears – Aitui – Style one
Tattoo – KHUSH – Heart don’t fail me now
Bra – ** – Cutieh Coal
Hair – .ploom. – First – Ivonne – Swedish, Second – Like a pony – Swedish, Third – Cori – Swedish *ON SALE NOW*

Beanie – Drot – Beabie – Gry
Hair – Magika – Paisley
Piercing – Cobrahive – Gatum
Scarf – [GLUE INK] – White Grey
Jumper – .:Villena:. – Black, Teal, White and Pink
Finger tapes – **
Belt – Ronsem – Military
Pants – *Connors* – Painter Baggy Blue
Shoes – SOREAL – White and Turquoise
Poses – GLITTERATI – Male Stylin

Song Choice – Lifehouse – You and Me


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