We got the fuuuunk

lol what can i say.. The headline says everything.. I woke up this morning with the song – We got the funk by George clinton, in my head this morning.. Although i must admit the Glee cast did it alot better… So i was in a bouncy mood .. Not to mention that i also had an awesome sleep because i passed out at the keyboard early last night and kinda just disappered lolol.. But anyway i was at GOL with my gorgeous girl Ree and after waiting like 2 hrs for her to rezz she did and omggggggg i was like.. holy shit that outfits awesome.. So she mentioned my gorgeous wifey had the same but in yellow.. So what could i say.. i just HAD to blog it.. I decided on pink.. :D.. The skates are awesome.. they come with an AO that makes you look like your skating whilst walking which makes me lol..  And im also sooo ecstatic because i wanted a reason to buy this hair and now i do.. I found these gorgeous headphone on marketplace for only 10L which was a bargain and i had to have something on my face so i found the gorgeous pink face make up from damned.. Kami’s backpack is soooo adorable filled with records and such and ofcourse Ree’s hard ass boom box 😀 We wen’t with the rollerskate music style of things 😛 I had so much fun doing this photoshoot with my girlies.. Lotsa giggles.. You both amaze me more and more everyday.. I love you both very much 😀

We got the funk 😉

Kami’s Wearing –
Skin: Illuisory – Paige – Deep tan
Shape: Urban Alchemi – Custom shape by Innocence Wiles
Hair: Maitreya – Apple dark pack
Arm Tattoo –  Ink’d Up- Skully Rose
Tongue – !TLB pierced tongue
Face Piercings – <- PoM -> – Jess
Fingertape – Luck Inc
Backpack- ~flow~ – Dj Vinyl Set bag
Top – *RS*- Chicha
Shorts: Erratic – Sporty Shorts
Socks: Erratic – Striped Socks
Skates – JustB – Rainbow Rollers

Ree’s Wearing –
Skin – Filthy – Thalia
Shape – Her own
Piercing – PoM – Dimples
Hair – [elikatira] – Vivid
Tattoo – [GLUE INK]~ Lil Bird
Ear Plugs – [GLUE INK] – Sculpted Metallic Ear Plug
Nails/rings – Pepper – Emma Nails
*[VF]* –  BoomBox BackPack
Top – Luck Inc. – Tubetop
Shorts – Erratic – Sport Shorts
Socks – Erratic – Striped Socks
Skates – JustB – Rainbow Roller Skates

Skin – Lara Hurley – Leah – Natural Gloss/Tan
Shape – Miiiiine
Hair – Truth – Emily – Swedish
Face Make up – DAMNED – Pink Spray
Eyeliner – *BOOM* Liquid Glaze Black
Tattoo – [Glue Ink] – Tiny Dancers, KHUSH – Heart don’t fail me now, Aitui – Stars
Bracelet – Erratic (Comes with a HUD to change colours)
Piercings – Cobrahive – Gauged 03 Stars
Nails – :OW: “Anti-Flick” Nails – Group Gift *NEW*
Headphone – Indigo Sellers (Marketplace) – Pink
Bra – Bleh – Unhook me (<< So cheap it’s almost free)
Shorts – Erratic – Jaime sporty shorts – Pink
Socks – Erratic – White/pink
Skates – JustB – Rainbow Rollers

Song Choice – Glee Cast We got the funk


Love you girls ❤


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