What happened to us

Soooo HORAAAAY for finally getting my blog up and running to how i want.. No need to do it on Flickr anymore 😀 Not sure how this will go but meh who cares.. So i’ve done a huge change in my SL and gone blonde, changed my skin and am dressing differently and i feel great about it.. So lets get this blog on huh 😀 So berries is having a spring sale (Which is kinda weir for me as it’s coming up to winter for me) from the 8th-18th.. 50% off all the main purchases in store.. And i couldn’t help myself but i went nutters. Grixdale is also having a spring sale from the 7th- 14th with everything 50% off and ofcourse i went nuts while i was there (P.s Thanks to my gorgeous Ree for taking me or else i would of been clueless)… I’m officially broke. ❤

I normally hate prim nails.. They are a right pain in the ass.. But when i saw these at [EY:NO] i HAD to have them

Skin: Lara Hurley – Leah – Natural Gloss/Tan
Shape: My own
Hair: Fri.Day – Sasha – Anxious Blond
Eyes – Curio – Deep Sea tragic
Tattoo – KHUSH – Heart don’t fail me now (Undershirt layer)
Prim Nails – [EY:NO] Colourful Nails
Piercings: Cobrahive – Gatum Star
Lashes: *Redgrave* – Diva 19
Vest: Grixdale/Tyranny – Millers Wife Saw dust
Short/Undershirt – Grixdale/Tyranny – Simple Tank
Jeans – [EY:NO] Darkblue Jeans Ripped
Berries Inc. – Linda


Song Choice – What happened to us – Jessica Mauboy ft Jay sean (I LOVEEEEE Jay seans voice..)


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