Haii Guys 😀

I’ve noticed that people are still looking at this blog and thats AWESOME. Ree and i love to see people still checking out our stuff.


If you want i have created a new blog with random LOTDS. So if you wanna check them out. Head on over to Cant wait to see you there.


❤ Mar.



So after an almost full and wonderful year of blogging for you all. MarRee is no longer posting.

After much much much deliberation and lots of thinking. Reese and myself think it’s for the best to end our chapter here. It has been sooo much fun putting together outfits for you all and to show off outfits made by so many different and wonderful creators. I have met so many amazing people because of this blog and i am always grateful for it. Unfortunatly it’s now starting to become like a chore. And we feel that’s not what blogging should be about. My real life has just become chaotic. I am barely in world anymore. It just come to a point where my real life was my second life, and i can’t let it be that way.

I will leave the blog open, along with all the old postings, in-case anyone is still interested. But from now on there will be no more LOTDS or New Releases displayed on this blog.

So thank you sooo sooo sooo much for all your support over the last year. Through our ups (650 views in one day \o/) and our downs. You guys are the reason why we kept on aslong as we did. And it has been nothing but a fun and amazing journey for myself and for Reese. Also just because we are done doesn’t mean you can’t go check out all the other amazing blogs over there >>>>>>>

We wish you all a safe and wonderful year. And don’t be afraid to look me up in world 🙂

Signing off for the last time.


Use the fork.

okay sooo i hope eveyrone didnt get too wasted on NYE :3

ANYWAY Atlantic crew have these AWESOME undies out that come in 5 different styles which have STAR WARS on them for only 200L.. Yep.. I am pretty sure i am still jizzing my pants from the epicness of them. So make sure you go down there and get yo paws on them.

ALSO cause i’m SHIT at doing photos with backgrounds and what not.. I need new ideas on how to take my photos.. I want a change ya know with the whole new yr and shiznick.. So throw me some ideas ya dig..

Fuck me and my hood rat talk >.<

Helmet – Randomly found on Market
Shirt – Teefry – Trust me (BEST FUCKING SHIRT EVERRRRRR!)
Lightsaber – Found on Market.
Undies – Atlantic Crew – The Force
Boots – Kookie – Armada/Warmers

Merry Xmas, Happy New Yr and Mesh

Well i hope everyone had a fantastic xmas and Santa brought everyone everything they wanted. As you all know it’s a difficult time to be online as it’s a time for family. So we are unsure of when we are able to blog new releases or LOTDs So Ree and i would like to wish you all a very very happy new yr and we will see you all then hopefully with new posts and new releases ❤

Now onto my post  am posting now. I am wearing mesh (shock horror) i actually like it. The viewer, I do not like!! I am in love with this by Maitreya It’s seriously gorgeous AND something i would wear to a new yrs eve party :3 (Which i wont be unfortunatly as i’ll be working >.<)

Hair – Exile – Lindsey *NEW*
Dress – Maitreya – Cul-Da-Sac *MESH*
Tights – tb – Plain Black Tights
Heels – Mstyle – GOSHI

I’ve had this song stuck in my head for like a week

Hawtie alert!!

My friend Ronnie wanted me to blog his pixel ass and i mean how could i resist with a gorgeous face like that 😛

Skin – The Body Co – Hunter (02 Ivory)
Beard – NANUK – anders light beard
Hair/Beanie Drot- The Adam
Pierceings – {HAV} – DC Comics Gauge Pack/ Septum – Cobrahive – N-Septum
Glasses – Kari- Poser Specs
Ouside shirt – Ninikoboy – Big Shirt
Inner- Shirt – AITUI – Notre Dame
Necklace – Kosh – The Key Necklace
Tatoo – [TH] – Tatoo- unzipped
Pants – Ronsem – Cargo11
Shoes – *FIR & MNA* – The Twine Shoes Khaki

Sorry about choice of video.. He chose it.. its abit o.O

Four Corners

So i’ll be honest. I didn’t even know this event was happening till like 3 days ago. Which seems to happen with me alot whenever a event comes out. I only ever know its come like 2-3 days before cause someone tells me. Or cause i actualy took the time to read a NC. LOL Anypoo. I’ll name the items from the event but not the rest. I am feeling pretty sick tonight and im not in the mood to sit here describing every detail so if you see anything you like just leave a comment and ill let ya know where its from. Or go back through our blog cause chances are i have already blogged it 😛

Hair – LOVE – Cameron
Eyes – .Insufferable Dastard.
Turtle neck – [ NERD.P ] – Big Turtle Neck
Boots – Eleanor Rigby – Combats in floral

Hair – Action – Natalie
Mini Skirt – Razorblade Jacket – Jail Bait Micro mini

Dress – Willow – Bookworm Dress

(Marukin) – Vermillion

There is so much variety to buy. But i only got what i thought suited my style ❤ All of the items are from the four different points.



Errday i’m shufflin

Haha i sooo love the turtle back packed dude in the Party Anthem video clip from LMFAO. So i thought i would dress up like him. Even got the turtle backpack and all except  you can’t see it in the pick. and ohhh yeahhhhh i gots me a new skin. Cause ya know. I’m awesome like that. From LOVE called “Emma” It’s effing adorable!!! Also btw im sorry we haven’t been posting much. I’ve been sick in RL and with Xmas around the corner were finding it hard to get any decent looks out with time to put them together.

Skin – (LOVE) -Emma *NEW*
Beanie – Hermony – Oversize Beanie
Hair – Boon – Hairpiece43
Headphone – Found on Marketplace
Glasses – Glasiz – Rainbow Stripes
Shirt – the kid company – Shufflin
Bag – KARI – Turtle Backpack = TY <333
Arm sleeves – *Just Me* – Alice Gloves
Cuff – [bubble]
Piano ring – Bird Next Door – On marketplace
Capris – Deetalez – Summer Shorts
Shoes – [Surf Couture] – Boardwalkers


So the collabor has two themes this month and one is winter prom. Which i totally thought was awesome. What i also loved was there was actually mens items. Which was fun to play barbie and Ken for prom and than for some fun time after. Im so in love with the Whippet and Buck Dress . So glamourous. And Kyoot had these awesome leggings with a corset. Pig made some holy tanks for the men and women that i put on my manly self, Also Nanuk had some tie shirts that would be adorable for a prom. I think my next post will be a prom post. I loved getting all dressed up for mine :3 (Which is weird considering im not girly haha)

Also ignore the coloured background and my skin. I took these before i got my new skin and than couldnt be bothered changing the screen haha 😛

Left to Right:-

Male –
Hair – [Shag] – Shine On
Glasses – Intrigue.Co – Stay Classy Glasses *Collabor88*
Shirt – NANUK – Hans sweater *Collabor88*
Pants – Ronsem – Cargo pants
Shoes – UBU – Low Tops

Female –
Hair – Catwa – Yasmeen *NEW*
 Necklace – tb – Sting Necklaces – *Collabor88*
Dress – Whippet & Buck –  Meela Dress *Collabor88*
Shoes – Mstyle –  Rivea

Male –
Tattoo – Aitui – Love is Blind – *Collabor88*
Tank – Pig – Dad Tank – *Collabor88*
Cargos – MUISM – Cargo Shorts

Female –
Hair – [e] – Quirky
Leggings – Kyoot – Atonement – *Collarbor88*
Shoes – [PM] – Baby T’s


LOTD with a bit of newness

I got some new stuff for you and just some random lotd thrown in. The new hair by Truth is seriously hot. I love the volume. Though you cant see it under the hoodie. And also candy doll have a brand new winter dress out with all types of textures on it. And may i just say the textures are fucking amazing. Like honestly.. Omg.
And ys as you can see i gots me a new look. Got tired of the “innocent” look. So i headed down to LAQ and got me the Alva skin cause its soft but has a hard touch to it :3

Skin – LAQ – Alva – Fair
Hair – Truth – Helena *NEW*
 Jacket – AOHARU – Military coat (Hoodie is from the Mouton Vest)
Dress – Candy doll – Frio Dress *NEW*
Leggings – Kyoot – *Collabor88*
Boots – [e] – Secret Boots

Also i wanted to mention to the creators that have sent me stuff over the weekend. I hope you can all understand that i can’t blog your items instantly. I logged back on to find my messages capped and over 70+ emails from offline group messages. Please be patient with me. RL gets busy and it can be really difficult for me to blog so much stuff at once. Please know that i will blog it all asap. Thanks.



Headed down to one of my favourite stores in SL and found a whole bunch of Christmas stuff for free for the people in the VIP group. So i grabbed the cute lil red Santa dress along witht he white hooves. Also i have been meaning to get this military jacket for a while but i grabbed it now and i think i look hawt *wolf whistles* 😛 I also headed to Boon and got the new hair.. Normally i’m not into this kinda hairstyle but i put it on and instantly fell in love with it :\ Go figure :P.

Hair – booN – WMO003
Dress – *Epic* – Red Santa Baby *Group VIP Gift*
Hoofs – *Epic* – Christmas Digi Knift warmers *Group VIP Gift*

Hat – SUSU – Pilotka
Face Tattoo – Lil Pricks – Zombie Eyes
Jacket – *Epic* – Cropped Military Jacket
Shorts – [Cynful] – Eve Sweater
Hoofs – *Epic* – Broken Circuity – Robo/Digi Hoof Legs